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Silkhorse Equine Scarves

At the request of Mumbai textile artists Payal Parekh and her father Bharat I designed a series of equine themed scarves. The parameters given to me were that the designs should be about horses—both Asian and Western, be unique but with a classic design sensibility, be wearable in all seasons, and have international appeal. The horses from the East should convey the Spiritual power of the Hindu horse God Maniki who provides one with clarity and confidence to step through obstacles and overcome challenges in life. The horses from the West should convey the grace, power, and beauty of a noble horse. I applied the innovative techniques I used in my color abstract images to make the horses apparent only on second glance. With their  exquisite knowledge of the vanishing art of printing on textiles by hand, Payal and Bharat then produced the sensuous, wearable Equine Scarves.



PYRO Gallery

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