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My Creative Process

Look Back

Let me describe my creative process. The first question I ask myself when I am creating a work of art,  is “How does this image make me feel — relaxed? energized? alone? The next question is “Where is the source of light and how does it contribute to the image?” The third question is “What is the composition and how does it contribute to the image?” 

These questions drive two different bodies of my photographic work.


As a humanistic photojournalist, I look for the moment when I  recognize  that an image is ripe to tell the story of time and place. I try to photograph a genuine moment of human experience. I often have eye contact with my subject but I take the picture before people become self-conscious.


A second body of work entails a process of creating a phantasmagoria of color, light and line compositions. These images combine reality and imagination. I take a photo of something real -  a landscape, a piece of fabric, a Medieval cathedral vault, et cetera—and transform the colors, light, and lines into a new unique abstract image. I often add titles that are spiritual, psychological, or contemplative, inviting the viewer to project their own meaning and emotional response onto the image. My intent with both bodies of work is to evoke feeling and thoughtful responses from the viewer.

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